lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010


There's no words to explain
when you give everything
and get nothing back;
you only lose more instead

When you feel that no one knows you
just the way you are.
Nobody has loved you
just the way you are.

Deception, i'm all alone
Nobody to support me
Just my fucking feet
fight for stand on the ground

and keep walking, oh baby, keep walking!

I am used to be strong
So I don't ask for help
But sometimes I'm lost
And you can't help me

Love's a dellusion
Everything is fake
I knew what I did was wrong
but I thought was worth... for love

You can't even recall for peace
when there's no turning back
It hurts slowly and painfully
like a knife in your chest

I swallowed my pride many times
and only found an ice wall
Disappointed once and again
In a game where I always lose

Oh baby I'm sooo cold!!

Everything changes, my friend, I know
But I woke up cold November
and I can't get to sleep again
Nor shed more tears...

Oh baby I'm all alooone!!!

It ain't worth anymore
I could get over it
But I can't
Is time to admit myself
in me. 

Lynx - Traces
Come home to find
say its been a long time
all thats left of you in my mind is traces

I wonder can your essence still fill up
all those
empty spaces

The sight of you is like the morning dew
so refreshing
so sweet
and yet so cold
you're so damn cold sometimes
you're so damn cold sometimes

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  1. Hola!

    Perdona que te escriba aqui pero es que soy nuevo en blogspot y me interese por este blog que encontré trastabillando por ahí. xD

    Solo quería felicitarte por el blog y entablar contacto social con alguien que parece que lleva tiempo en este mundo.

    Lo dicho, buen blog. Pasate por el mio si quieres, aunque llevo dos entradas bastante cutres.

    Un saludo Morgane ^^