sábado, 7 de enero de 2012


I didn’t know her but in some way she’s my companion. She’s one of this people which I don’t know personally but for whom I have respect because of her work. She’s a dancer.

Jeniviva was her name, her artistic name I think. Anyway, it’s like I knew her. I don't need to know her real name, I understand her passion for dancing because I share it with her and all the dancers and active followers of this art form.

Now I’m watching some of her videos. She was a wonderful human being, she had a lot of beauty to fill the world and transform it into a better place to live… But now she can’t do it anymore… Death, in his immense egoism, has decided to take her beauty out of this world. She was so young, beautiful and talented…

Inside her eyes I can see a wise understanding, or perhaps her gothic inclined influences make me believe so, but I’m almost completely sure that she wasn’t afraid of Death. When I see her dancing, I’m not sad. I feel a kind of melancholy that connects me to the present moment of the video when she was dancing. She seemed to be so intelligent… It’s like she knew this would happen to her. Her movements seem to be made by a person who knows that every day could be the last… Something on me is connected with her.

We can just ask 'why' but even we can’t demand explanations or try to recover her soul. Her essence won’t walk the path at our side in this unfair world anymore. What is life but a roll of dice? What are human beings but improbable and unstable entities? Why are we here and why some of us leave so early?

She has given beauty to the world. Despite she’s not worldwide known she has left pieces of heaven here before leaving. Her soul has transcended and I’m sure that if souls go to any place, to hers it belongs one of the most wonderful. And if souls have a will, I’m sure that hers is dancing without end. Dancing, beautifully, until the end of time…

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